Wolf Vostell

Sun In Your Head (1963)

Sun In Your Head was first screened on September 14, 1963 as part of a larger 'happening' by Wolf Vostell called "9 Decollagen," which took place in nine different locations in Wuppertal, Germany. The film is based on Vostell’s principle of ‘décollage,' but since no commercially available moving image technology provided the playback aspects of video at the time, Vostell had to film distorted images off a TV screen and later compose the temporal sequence.


Elliott said...
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Elliott said...

I followed you here from Rhizome;

The way you have written "had to use curved television screens..." makes it seem like the piece was "inferior" or "undersirable" to the artist at the time of its making. I don't think that is necesarily the case; nor do I not like the use of curved television screens on film, mediated media (as if we don't get enough of that these days!), especially from a film made in 1963 (from the perspective of a viewer in 2007).

João Ribas said...

I take it you must be refering to the post above that was deleted [not by me], as I don't make any pejorative mention of the technology in my brief note about the piece...

I merely describe the process Vostell used, albeit one limited by the existing technology: film formats which in fact did not provide instant playback or editing possibilities...

The date of the piece is interesting in light of the apocryphal story about Paik using one of the first Sony Portapaks.

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